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Originally Posted by EmilPatrick View Post
That's awesome, thanks for the live link. I actually just stumbled onto the Heatmeter software and forum post a few weeks ago and started ordering parts to build one this week.

How difficult was it for you to build and get running? It seems pretty straight forward from all the posts I've read.

Well I have had the heatermeter since version 1 and it was much much harder then it is now. Before there was no circuit boards and Raspberry PI, we used Linksys router and wires to connect on the components. The programming was just as bad. took me 6+ months to get one working lol.

But, now the heatermeter can be made by anybody fairly easy, The soldering is the hardest part. The circuit boards have a guide to tell you what goes where on it, and they are numbered, for instance R1 would be resister 1 and if you look at the list of components R1 would be a 1k resister(3 of them) C2 would be a .1u capacitor.

As long as you keep the resisters , caps ect.... in their bags that tell you what they are, you really don't even need to know what they are, if that makes sense. Pictures of the assembly

The programming is as easy as downloading the needed software on your computer as long as you have a SD card slot available, all you have to do install it to the SD card and that it.

Put the Sd card into the RasPI and done, you have yourself a Heatermeter. Byran is constantly updating the software.

And for those that have kids and if they would like to build something, this would be an awesome project for them to learn on.
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