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Default butts for church and watch live smoke webpage..... live smoke

Tomorrow, at my church they are having a cookout and they asked if I could smoke something. Well pork butts it is.

The above link is my heatermeter controller. I had some minor problems at the beginning, all looks ok now. Also im using some new maverick et-732 probes for the butts, not sure I like the probes, not as good as my et-72/73 probes(pit temp and the ambient temp). They did read 211 in boiling water though.

14 pounds, not much but someone else is also doing some pulled pork also

All rubbed up
Raspberry PI Heatermeter homemade temp controller, 2 UDS.
New Version 4.2 Heatermeter with K thermocouple support Available
PM me, if you would like a heatermeter pre-made, everything included, heatermeter, case, blower, SD card programmed, servo and case, no soldering needed ready for your network and BBQ.

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