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Default Like some help with my build

Well I couldn't leave the picture in the message because I had this error,
  1. "can be add post with links before have 5 post"
I havn't a clue what it means so I'm guessing it's BBB speak. LOL

I don't have the hang of posting pictures but I promise to have my daughter add some when the build is far enough along so there is somthing to look at,and of course the finished product and a cook. At this time there's nothing but scavanged items I hope becomes my new smoker. This cut and paste of a new charcoal grill similar to the one I am using as the platform will make it easier to explain what I want to do.
The diamensions are 36"x18".The lid is about twice as tall. The body is 14ga / .075 / 5/64ths. The ash tray barely visible above lower storage doors will seal air tite between fire and lower storage. The 2 adjustable height fire grates are behind the two small doors and move 4". Removable metal radiation plates will sit above fire grates and alow smoke to pass through small slots along intire front and 2 adjustable air intakes will be at rear between ash pan and fire grates. 2 chimneys will bi-sect top of door into 3rds at rear and extend down inside door. It would be simplest to mount radiation plates 2" above fire grates when fire grates are set to heighest position and meat grates would sit 4" above rad plates. 80% of surfaces above ash tray will be clad with 1/4" Hardee backer for insulation. I plan useing lump mostly and experiment with glowing coals and splits for butts,briskitts and whole chickens. And as you probily guessed,remove the rad plates occasionaly for steaks. My questions are; (A) what max/min rad plate thickness or is it even critical? (B) do I need more distance between fire grate and rad plate(it will adj from 2" to 6")? (C) should I increase distance between rad plate and meat grate?
I welcome your suggestions and comments and please state if they are from experience,research or thought to be something of interest. Thanks
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