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Originally Posted by peeps View Post
Well it depends...if it's chilly, we might all need a few shots to stay warm ;)

If it's hot, a big pitcher of margaritas can go fast ;)

If you do bring it, I would love to have a taste...been wanting to try it for a while but I usually just stick to 1800, Milagro, or Hornitos, all a minimum of Reposado. Just depends on the occasion and how many others will be partaking.

I have a hard time parting with money for things I haven't tried that are a fair bit pricier than my staples without sampling first
Okay, I'll bring the Cabo.

Unlike many liquors, the difference between high-dollar tequila and low dollar tequila is tremendous. You can actually drink it straight and not get "Cuervo face." It actually goes down easy, and tastes good. You don't need salt or a lime.

I have my own favorite tequila, but Cabo Wabo seems to be the brethren bash tradition, and it is pretty farking good.

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