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I am just about finished up with my first build. I just need to throw a couple coats of paint on it. I already did two coats of the 2000 degree engine paint, but wanted something a little more shiny for the finished product, so I will be slapping on some gloss black and some clearcoat this evening, hopefully it looks good.

this thread has been very helpful.

it's just a standard looking barrel with a weber lid, painted black. I did (3) 1" intakes as my dad had all the 1" pipe and fittings and valves laying around the house. did a seasoning test run on wednesday with only a few pounds of lump in the basket. she burned at 250 for 7 hours and was still going strong when I went to bed. very impressed coming from a cheap brinkman offset. would take me 15lbs of charcoal to do that with that pos.

doing my first smoke sunday for the ravens/steelers game with it, just some beef ribs and turkey breast but Im excited to try some food off of it.

I will try to post a picture of it after I get it all painted up.

one question I do have, and Im sorry if it has already been posted, has anyone tried magnet signs on the side of the smoker? like something you would stick to the side of a truck. wondering if they would hold up to the heat. ive got some raven ones I am going to try this weekend. hopefully they dont burn onto the side lol.
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