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Default First Catering Contract. Help with pricing.

Hey guys,

Recently after many request from people at my job and family and friends. I am going to start catering events. Please if you guys dont mind giving some pointers, could you please help me with this pricing for these two events I have.

The first customer is requesting 2 briskets and Potato salad for 70. Now I make a potato salad that using exclusively bacon and helmans mayo. So I know I might need to up pricing on that.

I have figured that if I buy a 15 pound briskets but they will yield about half that weight after cooking, I will charge for the cooked weight and at $10.00 a pound. I just have to drop it off and I am not serving it or slicing it. She will have other sides and meats from others bringing them there. I figured a price of about 70 dollars per whole packer brisket to charge. I have heard of guys charging more but I know I am just starting out and dont want to come out charging up .

The Second person has a catering business in baking goods and needs me to do brisket and chicken for 100 people next year for a family reunion. Now How much would be a good price to charge for the briskets and how much for the chicken. I guessing leg quarters.

Thanks Guys in advance
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