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Originally Posted by Toast View Post
I've been following your thread with Great interest. Just a couple of ideas for business.

I'm not familiar with the geographic lay out but since your so close to ND, Would a billboard on the main road help? Heck, Billboards may not even be allowed up your way but being 2 miles from the main road that would be a small diversion for TG Parties and Fans.

We have a really good BBQ place here that delivers just like the Pizza chains. They are the only ones in town that do. Might be a good idea for the locals and work sites there especially when the weather gets bad.

Best of Skill in your venture! You have a great business plan.
Ya know, thats a good idea. Being new to the area, I check out all advertising, bill boards, tee shirts, signs on trucks, etc, etc. Thats the only way I know who to call and then I ask the few people I do know, If they ever heard of them.
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