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Originally Posted by DjPorkchop View Post

I had a temp issue as well meaning my first run the temps came up real fast and it was HARD to get them down. The next run, in my chimney I put about 5 or 6 coals and lit them. The temps came up real slow and I was able to hit target temp on the first try and there she said save a minor valve adjustment here and there.

Nice looking barrel by the way!

This is what I found as well with my Big Poppa UDS.

My first cook, I lit about 12 coals, and the temps came up a little bit too fast. Next time, I just used 5, and it worked out well for a target of 250.

Perhaps the Big Poppa basket is smaller than some of the typical home made ones, so the charcoal distribution might be promoting the higher temps.

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