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Got rid of the matchlight.
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All great points gentlemen and they are well taken. The shipping is the kicker with any of this as we're talking about a heavy product. I do have a local supplier of "food grade" pellets that is at the $1 a pound price point. I just bought a bag from him and this prompted me to look elsewhere.

On the temperature that this soft wood burns at, well it's actually hotter on the thermometer then the fancy pellets and there is next to no ash. So I may be ahead of the game there. I am using the fancy add on digital temperature controller and it's cooking and adjusting the auger by Temp needs and my hopper doesn't seem to be going down so fast.

Again, I'm not trying to rebut you men for arguments sake as you concern and advice is well taken. But maybe my lack of reaction to any contaminants (if there are any) is due to the fact I have spent the last 30 years in the automobile repair business and who knows how many gasses, chemicals and what have you I have ingested over that time so I may have a natural or postponed immunity. But my senses are more aware now with your responses and I certainly appreciate that.

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