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Default My Experience With Heating Pellets Instead of Tasty Hardwoods

This year I purchased a Brinkman Pellet Grill/Smoker at Home Depot and have grown to love this machine. I grill and or smoke everything on it and use it at least four days a week. I was buying my pellets from Home Depot and paying around $9 a bag for 20 pounds or so depending if there was a special. I even had a electrical outlet install out where my smoker is located so I didn't have to use an extension cord any more. I'm kind of committed to this cooker now. Well recently I go into my local Home Depot and find out they don't sell pellets any more. I checked their website and apparently Home Depot is getting out of this business. There is one other specialty store in town where I live that sells pellets so out of desperation I go there. I just paid $20 for a 20 pound bag of "gold" pellets containing premium woods. I was shocked and this immediately starts to price my beloved pellet grill out of action. So I did a little research on heating pellets which are a fraction of the cost at $5 for a 40 pound bag. I have read all the warnings and comments and I just wanted to add mine to the discussion.
I called the company and these pellets are 100% Doug Fir. Absolutely no additive or chemicals and while the person I talked too said he couldn't tell me to cook with them he uses these pellets in his cooker. Well I bought a bag and gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how good they worked. Remember I am using my grill for everyday cooking and occasional smoking. I carefully did a couple of cuts of meat with the new pellets and didn't use any rubs or shakes. I just wanted to sample the meat to see if this wood imparted any odd taste or flavor. I couldn't really tell any difference. The Doug Fir didn't really smoke as much as the "real pellets" but it cooked just fine and had a taste of cooking on a campfire which I liked too. These pellets seemed to burn hotter then the "cooking pellets" and so far leave practically no ash. So at this point I am kind of sold.

I welcome your comments or criticism as I have truly learned how to cook on this grill from you folks on this forum. But I just wanted to share my experience and so far it's very positive.

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