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I have an entire 4'x18' bed of peppers (chiltepins, large red sweet from MX, jalapenos, Aji Limon, Ho Chi Minh, Santaka, "Casper"/mutated Bhut Jalokia w/o heat, Poblanos, Bell Pepper, and Habeneros). I start them all from seed. Dad killed off his starts and so I gave him some of mine. He lives across from a dairy farm, so he gets all the fertilizer he wants. :D My Jalapenos were small and had some heat to them. Dad's were large, but much less heat. Climate, water, and nutrients play a big well as genetics.

Years ago, we had a strain we had for about 4 years. They were the hottest Jalapenos I've ever experienced. The fun part was, we'd mix in some mild jalapeno from another garden. We'd make poppers with them. It was like playing russian roulette. All of a sudden one year, all the heat left them and we lost the strain. :(

Our Casper strain has been a favorite for the past few years. Originally bought as a joke from university of new mexico, we were going to buy dad some bhut jalokia seeds. he grew them and we were chuckling about what was going to happen. The joke was on us, there was no heat. The university finally admitted there was a mutation in their field and some customers got seeds that produced pods with little to no heat. It actually turned out great because they have the most amazing flavor when turned into a powder. So we call them Casper peppers...the friendly ghost. It is a staple in my rubs.

Santaka peppers are also wonderful as powders. I use them mostly in creamy soups to give it a great taste and an awesome rolling heat.
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