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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
I'm a little confused by this. I don't want to restart the UDS/WSM/PBC debate, but there is no more or less fire tending with the WSM, UDS or PBC. All three are designed to be easy to use and maintain temp. The UDS and WSM just give you more flexibility in choosing a cook temp, but once set, there is no fire tending.
Not looking to start any of that again either so I will try to explain myself here.

What I was attempting to get across was that the PBC (at least in my view) is designed to be even more set and forget than a WSM or UDS. The PBC you light the charcoal, set it in the cooker, throw the meat in, put the lid on and your off and cooking. No temp gauges or tuning dials to mess with. Everything comes preset.

With a WSM and UDS on the other hand, as you pointed out, they are more flexible because they have temp gauges and tuning dials. You can dial in pretty much any temp one desires to cook at. IMHO there can be a learning curve to this. I think most folks will agree that getting a WSM or UDS up to temp and ready for meat takes some time and (very basic) know-how.

That leads me back to originally saying that the WSM and UDS are better for learning fire management and temp control than the PBC and the PBC is a good pit for learning to sit back and relax and learn to trust the pit to do its thing. Especially after some folks become so obsessed with keeping an exact temp (not saying its a bad thing at all) that they go bat sh*t crazy with temp controllers and probes that they turn their UDS or WSM into some mutant R2D2.

It also helps you learn the sight method of cooking BBQ. We all know that good BBQ is done when its done on its own time and that we can't strictly go by "time at a certain temp" when we are cooking up our favorite snacks. The PBC helps you learn this because you don't really know what exact temp its running at and thus you have to be on top of knowing what to look for in a done rack of ribs (pull back/bend test) or pork butt (bone wiggle). Can you learn that on a WSM or UDS too? Absolutely. I just personally feel that a PBC is a more forceful tool to learn it on, on account of the lack of temp gauges. Not saying it makes it better or worse. Just different.

Just my humble (and hopefully not offensive to anyone) $.02
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