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Originally Posted by CharredApron View Post
Love the long distance TD entries. I have done a few.
Hi Jed,

I just checked out your site and it looks great! I am curious how you scored an in-house wood-fired oven option in your vacation rental in France? I love that you took advantage of it.

I saw you were using old grape vines for your cook. When I was first getting started using Auspit, I was living in an apartment in Paris where BBQs were not, so charcoal was hard to come by. For some reason I was able to more easily find bags of grape vine chunks and sometimes that is all I had to cook on. It flared up and kicked off some pretty acrid smoke when it first got started, but after that once it settled down (and I am starting to drool just thinking about it) I found that I got some of the best flavors I have ever had cooking over that. Good stuff!

My days in France were the Dark Years before I came into the light of the Brethren, so I have no posts from then. Once I took the spit out to the Alps for some photo shoots. The day we had a perfect setup with people at an old farmhouse with a panoramic view of Mt. Blanc, it decided to pour down rain. In the midst of my despair, the farm owner said, why don't we just cook inside? They had a smoke room with a huge chimney where they used to hang up whole pigs. It worked out great. While the photos weren't anything I could use, I fed the 14 friends and family who had come over for the event and it was a fun afternoon.

Here are a couple shots of that session:

This is a blurry look up the chimney:

Originally Posted by CharredApron View Post
Got your book to, read it on my last adventure in Chile.
Thanks for grabbing a copy! If you get a chance, PLEASE post a review on Amazon and/or I will rejoice even if you only put that "dis stuff is not worth wiping my arse with." I am that starving for reviews.

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