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Default China vs. Pork

(NOTE: re-posted from the other(?) TD thread for this category. The final shot is my entry photo. Original post is here:

Long time no see!

So here I was wandering through the aisles of my friendly neighborhood Walmart during my current visit to China, trying to think of something to cook up. There were certainly some tempting options between the S&M bondage crabs:

and these guys:

But then I remembered having seen something about a pig-meat contest underway in the Throwdown World, so I went for a gander at the piggy parts section.

I was glad that this week’s Throwdown contest is “anything goes (pork-related)” because me not being a butcher, I wasn’t sure what a lot of these parts were. I finally settled on one of the cuts below in the middle for the larger size and the marbling, plus another bonus piece laden with quite a bit more fat just to mix things up.

The charcoal I came up with was some decent lump. However when the firestarter I bought didn’t live up to its namesake, I went for the backup of fire-roasting coals on a gas burner to get them going.

Then it was time to fire up my spit and get busy. And what more scenic place to do that than a (factory) rooftop garden at sunset?

Yes, I actually brought my trusty rotisserie all the way to China for sh*ts and giggles to entertain friends. Because I can’t juggle.

I went for a Cajun rub on the fattier, smaller piece and a hickory rub on the larger cut in order to give my Chinese friends a little taste of Americana.

I finished off the larger cut with some KC Masterpiece sauce. We didn’t have one of ‘dem fancy western cutting boards or even forks at the ready, so we went at it with what was available.

As the evening advanced, day turned to night and full beers turned to empty ones (I believe you may know what this can be like) (yes, YOU) my photography skills declined appreciably, so sadly, the above is the best shot I have of the final result, seconds before it vanished. I guess this will have to be my entry for the Throwdown. Knowing that a refreshing Zero shower likely awaits me, I have the comfort of knowing at least the happy recipients of these pork parts had a new-found appreciation of rotisserie cooking and couldn’t stop talking about what they want to cook next. It could get interesting...

Thanks for looking!

--Jonny Rotisserie

BTW if anyone is interested, my book is now out in print on Amazon. The most Q-specific chapter “My Butt’s on Fire!” should give you at least a couple giggles, mostly at my expense.
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