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Originally Posted by smokeacholic View Post
At what temp. and what shelf did you cook the ribs and brisket at. They look awesome and I am sure taste good. Also how do you burn the cherry to get that color?
For this cook I ran the pit at 250*, and placed the meat on the 3rd rack from the bottom. Basically the middle of the cooking chamber. I generally put 4 to 5 hours of smoke on the big meats. It really depends on the color of the meat. Like most other cooks, I am usually looking for that nice reddish mahogany color. In this particular cook, it took closer to 5 hours to get the color I was looking for.

As for how I burned the wood, I just placed the wood chunks in the ash pan below the grate of the charcoal chute, and let the burning embers of the lump slowly ignite the wood. I placed 4 chunks (slightly larger then the size of a fist) of cherry in the ash pan 30 minutes before putting the meat on. Roughly 90 minutes into the cook, I added another 4 chunks of cherry. Then 90 minutes after that, I added 3 more chunks. Shortly after that I wrapped the meat up, so I no longer needed to add anymore smoke.
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