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Originally Posted by bosco0633 View Post
the key is not to over spend when starting out. Many have suggested the WSM and OTG combo to start. That is what I did. I realized quickly that the WSM was not what I was looking for and got really lucky selling it without losing my shirt.

Start with a kettle, learn how to Q with the basics. The OTG is the most versatile tool out there as far as I am concerned. The 22.5 is great but the 26.75 would be cool as well.

If you hate it you only have a few hundred invested.
Can't agree with this more. I jumped up to a BWS, and although I don't regret it at all, it was a big investment. Like Bosco said, start with a kettle and go on from there. If you get hooked (like all of us!) you'll already have money in the bank for something bigger and better! And you'll always have that kettle as well. Good luck, and welcome!
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