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Yeah that makes sense, that one was undercooked. I know temps don't mean too much with briskets, but I'd love to find out at what temp it would've been done, 225 ish maybe

But everything after that has been overcooked, they've crumbled a bit. But, I did produce the best flat to date yesterday, hooray

Had a lot of temp swings but that didn't seem to affect the result too much.

I did everything as I've always done, but vented the flat for 15 minutes before foiling and resting. It was still a bit overcooked, the sides crumbled when I tried to slice. I guess I'll have to calibrate my probe test a little bit, I guess I'm expecting slightly too buttery texture.

Is there a way to cook a flat more evenly, so that the narrow ends don't overcook when the middle is just right? I'd guess no

Here's a pic of the yesterday's flat (I need a new knife)

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