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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Default Tennis shoes a bicycle and Betty Ford

Before you commit start a walking 2 miles minimum and 1'30" bike program to abate the inevitable weight gain. Keep Betty's number on your speed dial for when your weekend sixer advances to a weekend 30'er.

All the above are symptoms and when you reach 15 cooking machines dial the phone. I recently sold three to get back to 11, or is it twelve cookers. Regardless I don't have to give up beer, and I have an ice pack on my right knee and a heating pad on my left.

But to your question-finally. If you are buying new, look for a manufacturers plate that says "Made in USA". Use a custom pit builder. If you buy used or Craigslist, your not helping foreign or domestic economies (no sales or VAT taxes) so load the patio up with "scores". Q'ing is not like the local ladies club golf championship where you're surrounded by rules queens. You own it in your kingdom. Take control of your scene-cook and post pics.
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