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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Hankdad1 View Post
For me, a grilled cheese sandwich is made with 2 slices of plain bread buttered with a slice of Velveeta/yellow/"American" cheese in between. It is browned in a pan on both sides until the cheese is melted and then served with a bowl of Campbell's tomato soup. This is comfort food from my childhood. Please forgive me if I am stating the obvious.

Breakfast sandwiches never crossed my path until Mc&Dons & BK came out with their breakfast products.

Anyway, Deguerre's post was a dope slap for me to enjoy some
ignored foods in a new combination that I would not have thought of.

I would like to know how your breakfast rolls are assembled.

My way would be a Warmed Buttered roll that has a good layer of Sliced Cheddar ( melty plastic stuff ) cheese, topped with some layered Bacon that has been pan fried,or Grilled direct, topped with a runny fried Egg.
Put the lid on and allow the egg yolk to be the sauce.

I think I need a cold shower
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