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Default New guy. Need help choosing new vice

Guys, brand new to this forum, but I've been reading the posts for a few weeks now. I have been wanting a smoker, and craving good Q a lot. I love to cook on weekends off and try something new and challenging.

Which brings me to my point... I need help figuring out what smoking device will suit my needs short and long term. When I first began looking around I thought I would just start with a small electric, but the more I contemplate and read, the more it seems I should go real fire first, as anything less will just make me want to switch later. It does seem that wood fire smoking is more difficult and temperamental, but I did say I'm into challenging.

What would anyone recommend for jumping in head first? I'm confident with the clear experience here that I can get advice through just about any style. I hear a lot about the WSM, and now the PBC. What do you recommend for a new guy?
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