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Default My 3rd Brisket Bit Me!

Just cooked my 3rd CAB Prime Packer on Sunday. Because I'm a perennial screw-up, the meat did not hit the grill till 12 noon. I thought late dinner, but that's cool. The first 2 briskies took 8 and 6.5 hours respectively.

You know what's coming, this brisky sat on 160 for like 4 hours. It's so agonizing to watch the pit temp cycling through, and maintaining the fire, but the meat temp stalled rock solid.

Finally passed the poke test at midnight. Wrapped it up and rested in the micro till I got up to pee at 3am, then fridged. Last nights dinner is going to be tonight's dinner. Lucky we didn't invite guests, cause they would be mean drunk by now!
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