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Default Calculating profits

Hi - quick question for you guys. Like many here, I have always fantasized about opening a BBQ joint one day. There is a spot in my town that I know would be perfect. It's a classic roadside, "shack" type place that currently serves burgers, hot dogs, etc. and is the type of place you see on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Anyway, I have a pretty well-paying day job and don't think I'd be quitting any time soon to buy a place like that, but I was thinking about approaching the owners and seeing if I could maybe sell BBQ out of their location on the weekends only.

It could be a good way to start out, experiment, and see what it's like without taking a huge financial risk.

So, here is my question. I'm trying to get a handle on how to calculate potential profits on the food. I would probably just buy the meat, smoke over night and then sell it the next day until it's gone. I want to know what kind of margins there are with something like this - with my only expenses being the food costs, and I imagine some sort of cut or fee to the place for hosting it.

I would probably just start doing brisket and ribs, and maybe pulled pork. I belong to Restaurant Depot and could source the meat there, and have an idea of the prices, but I'm trying to figure out what I could reasonably charge, and also for brisket or pulled pork, how much meat is left after cooking.

I figure if I have a 14 lb brisket, about 1 lb of fat, etc would probably trimmed off. I'm not sure how much it would weigh approximately after cooking? Same for the pulled pork?

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to start crunching these numbers?

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