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OK- I just checked back here after 2 days of vending. The night before, after a couple drinks, remembered that I should try and figure something out. Took index cards and numbered 'em on the top and bottom. Pre-cut the bottom so the number could be ripped off easily. Took order, ripped off the bottom & gave it to the customer, like at the dry cleaners. Placed the orders down in order on the counter for the kitchen to prep 'em- then the number was yelled out when the order was done.

It worked pretty well, and thank goodness I came up with something because we were swamped, sold out in an hour and a half (144 sandwiches, 60 4-bone rib sections, and a couple meat platters). I now see the issue with just placing them on the table- WAY to easy to get mixed up, dropped, left on the counter (causing later confusion).

I want to get one of these slider bars- google isn't turning up much on 'em. Any suggestions on where to order these?
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