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I fired mine up again today and the way it ran today verses the way it ran the day I seasoned it was like night and day.

The season run, I ran the UDS for 5 hours and chased temps all day, probably due to over tending. Also in that run, I managed to burn up dang near 6 pounds of coal.

Today I got the UDS out, put about 7 lumps of royal oak coal in the chimney and let it burn until I could visibly see no more black color. I then poured that in my coal basket with about 7 pounds of the royal oak lump. After a 6 (gestimated) hour burn, I managed to only burn MAYBE a pound of coal. I was completely astonished!

When I poured my coals in the basket and set it in the UDS, I let the heat come up to about 180 and put a cap on a intake and walked off. Came back 15 minutes later and looked and it was at 250. Came back 10 minutes later and it was at, you guessed it, 250!

Throwed the fattys, MOINKS, and Echrich sausages on and let them roll!

Anyone who is reading this and tossing around the idea of building one, toss the idea around no more and do it! You will be as amazed as I was.

I really appreciate each person who posted in this thread and on this site. It has helped me a lot!
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