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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
Temp is a tool not an absolute trust the probe thickest part of the flat probe like Butter your good. I haven't taken internal temps in.... I don't remember. You where close may be another 45-1 hr
Overall, could've been worse. We still ate well!

Most of the family used Sweet Baby Rays. I was hoping to produce meat that would taste great alone.
Don't get me wrong, it's not bad...Just not what it could've been.

I could've stayed by the smoker and waited, but anyone who is married knows that pumpkins don't pick themselves!

Any hint that I would stay home from the family outing would, er, well, end up with for days.
It's all good. Like I said, I'm learning alot!

Keep a look out for Smoker 2.0
Accumulating parts as we speak!

Thanks for all the advice! Well worth the beers by my name!
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