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I like others prefer my UDS to my Acorn for 90% of what I cook. And like mentioned, close the inlet vent before opening ( I do the same on all my smokers). If your grilling, then I don't worry about it much. I made my own inlet vent for the Acorn so I could easily control temps and have the top vent open to 1 1/2 to 2 and still maintain 225 to 250 degrees. I don't use a water pan but more of a pan on top of my pizza diffuser to catch the drippins. I haven't found a need to wrap till the meat is ready for the cooler to sit. I use mostly briquettes but still buy lump and mix it. I have not found a bag /brand of lump that I like as of yet and that is a lot of years buying it. From the brick size pieces to 1/3 bag of dust and crumbs. Having the top vent open more promotes better air flow like mentioned above. My mods are on Jim's site. A lot of folks just prefer to run with what they have/how the unit arrived and work with it, I prefer to make everything work better/easier for me. If I wasn't able to control my Acorn better I would have sold it right away as it was a huge PIA till I modified it.
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