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Originally Posted by SmittyJonz View Post
I prefer slices and the flat of a packer anyways - as long as you can find nice thick well marbled flats like that one you don't need a packer unless u just want Burnt Ends or Chopped.

If it has any fat cap left on it - cook fat cap down in that little smoker.

What Rub are you gonna use - some of these guys like just Salt n Pepper And Garlic but i prefer a rub - Adkins Western

Haven't gone fancy or daring yet. Still feeling out this little cobbed smoker!
Planning on a simple salt/pepper dusting.
I have several rubs here now, but wasn't sure what to use on a flat.
We'll go with salt/pepper for now.

Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Indeed, that is a full flat and it looks like a good one. It should cook up great, as long as you let it cook until it is probe tender and/or floppy. No reason to fear cooking a nice flat like that. Hopefully, there is a fat cap on the bottom side, leave it alone and cook it up.
I hope it's a good one! I trimmed what seemed to be flappy/excess but it wasn't much! I watched FranklinBBQ on YouTube for quick hints.

To say I'm excited is an understatement!
I've got this ready to go ( ghetto charcoal starter)

And this loaded for bear tomorrow!

I still plan on starting around 3:30 or 4...Rest in cooler for a couple hours

Giddy. Just Giddy!
Thanks for all the advice!

Just made the move on the 1 year membership!
There has never been such a vault of knowledge and advice as the Brethren!

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