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I let my brisket rest for an hour or so, and I split the point from the flat and missed the deckle a little bit and literally started seeing juices run out. I was trying to do burnt ends. But this time I won't, I'll wait until serving time or close to it and I'll do how franklins, la barbecue do it in Austin.

As far as the burnt portion. I'm not sure, I think because I had fat cap up and the heat coming from the bottom up for 12 hours literally charred it. Heat was 250ish give or take.

SO I'll probably run it at 225 next weekend, I'll take pictures and post them for y'all. Fat cap down, water pan full, wrap in butcher paper at like 160-170ish and run it till it's like jello.

ALSO I'd like to point out a couple things.

1) this forum rocks, I've come to y'all for a few questions in the past and within minutes you guys answered....very awesome community over here....don't see much of it nowadays

2) along with the brisket I'll be doing a pork butt and when I wrap it I'll add some maple syrup and spray with Apple juice as well....which I heard tastes amazing!!! Figure if grate is 225 lower grate on the wsm is probably 250-275 give or take so it should be good...with no probe neither just by look and feel! I'll take pics and post them!
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