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Default Chuck Steak Advice Needed

So here's the situation....My wife's birthday is next thursday, 17th. I asked her if I could cook for her to take that off her plate for the day. She liked the idea, and the freezer's a bit empty these days. She asked for the last big chunk of meat from a 1/4 cow we purchased. A big chuck steak.

Everything I'm reading says stews and cubing it up because it's got more gristle and is a tougher cut. That's not really what I'm up for. I'm 100% confident cooking a steak she'll love but I realize this cut can be a bit different. She's not huge on gristle/fat.

My goal: A delicious steak, and nice presentation fit for a special meal. I'll cook whatever sides she asks for....and do all this on my 18.5 kettle.

My ask from you all: Please share any proven techniques you like, marinades, or direction for sear-and-rest, low-and-slow, or somewhere in between.

Thanks in advance to all.
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