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Default WSM and Brisket quick question

Hey guys: quick questions

On a WSM I cook packers fat side upwith water pan filled with water up 225-250 degrees, till probe tender. Problem is the bottom becomes burnt. Will cooking fat side down prevent that since fat cap will absorb the heat?

With that said.....some flat parts are dry, pull tender but last brisket I ran to 205 and was jello and like butter, no wrap, water in pan low n slow...but like I said dry-ish. Will wrapping it tightly in butcher paper (i have a big roll of it) help retain the moisture so it doesn't dry out????

Thanks guys. -Jason from Chicagoland

Ps. Got back from austin and had a chance to chit chat with Aaron Franklin from Franklin bbq for a while, even showed me his pits and took me Q' I've tasted yet
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