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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
We did our menu board with a 32" TV and wall mount. I remove it from the mount after vending and put in a safe box but leave the pivot mount. Down sides 1) TV's are only about 200-300 lumens which can be hard to see sometimes and anything other than a white background on a bright day is difficult to see. Menu boards are about 1200 lumens and easy to see. 2) If you put sound on it then it makes it hard to hear customers placing orders and they don't seen to like it. 3) You need a back up plan for rain conditions. TV was $225 and wall mount $35[/URL]
I like that! Looks slick. I'll have to see how mine looks in bright light- I'm testing it on site today. I like the pivot mount, I'll have to pick one of those up!

Also, I'm hoping that this LED model is brighter than a regular plasma or LCD but I'm not too sure.
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