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Default Weber in Australia

Bloody Hell,

We're dying here. Have a laugh at this...

Yesterday I was out to see a new client in Lilydale and I came across this store..

so I had to pop in and check it out.

I've been looking for a cover for my Performer for ages. Hard to find here, and Amazon won't ship them here.

So I go in and have a look. This bloke comes out of the office. Country fella. Goatey, Akubra, Flanny shirt etc. My kinda guy usually. But not this time. He asks if he can help.

I ask him if he has any Performer Covers.

He says... "Nup.. have to order 'em in."

Oh really? Says meeself. How many would you sell a year???

He says: " Maybe one or two"..

OK, I'm starting to get the picture here of the "farked over Weber Dealer" in Australia.

Anyway, I say... Look mate, I'll have a look around and see if there is anything I need..

So, I look around. The prices are farkin incredible.... One Webber Gasser is sitting there... 6 GRAND!!!! Jesus!

I see the small 18.5 WSM and ask him how many he sells a year....

"Awww only one or two"

I tell him I got a big one... 22.5 and I use it all the time... farkin awesome! And he squints his eyes and farkin starts lookin sideways at me

I look around a little more. I see some Weber Hickory chips. I look at the back of the plastic bag and see all the other varieties of wood on the label.

"Hey Mate, I see here there is Cherry available.. have you got any of that???"

He say's... " Nup... Weber don't let us have any. We only get Hickory"

I say, "JESUS FARKIN CHRIST... That's farkin stupid.. Mate, I'd buy the Cherry in a heartbeat, but I got all the Hickory I need."

He's just lookin at me sideways again... the poor cnut has no freakin idea..

Oh, and he's trying to sell the new Performer for close to 900 Bucks!!

Well, I farkin shot through without buying anything and left the poor bastard probably cursing at me thinking I'm just a smart arse wanker... Which I AM when we start talking about BBQ.

But, farkin hell... can we get Weber to get serious in this country????

What do we have to do?????


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