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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Bob in St. Louis View Post
Awesome. I love the mental picture you paint. It's not just photos of food, it's the whole thing, mood and all. Good stuff Jeanie. Wonderful images to view while I sit here at work thanks!
Bob thank you! It was pretty peaceful out there most of the time. The air was cool and crisp in the evenings so the fire really felt good! I stayed pretty close to it. :)

Thank you Dadeo, Jason, Matt and really do need to find a lake like this Jason.

nucornhusker, I'm ready for chili and winter foods too! Thanks! :)

Thank you Hamilton and Big V!

Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
That does it! I'm gonna find me a tractor rim at the very least. What a great cook, and I mean that both ways.
Jim I would send one to you if I had an extra. Thanks friend!

Originally Posted by Moose View Post
My pulse rate dropped a few notches reading through your post, Jeanie. Will definitely have to try ribs on the open pit when I go camping, just not at the higher elevation spots.
Moose, glad to hear you enjoyed the pics.. Thank you!!

Dave thanks so much. Hope you give them a try sometime.

Thanks again for the kind comments everyone!
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