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Default What the #%$! Have you guys turned me into!!!!

Soooooo..... I've only been on here for a little while. But so far I have acquired three 55 gallon barrels for UDSs. Spending way to much time on craigslist trying to find every weber grill part I can get my hand on like some troll hording things under the bridge. So now low and behold I have found another "SCORE" What I need from you guys is this. Is this a keeper or do I need to move on. This grill is from my old workplace and has not been used in years. It has two wheels that are flat and would need to be modified with a fire box. It's all rusty and the doors don't seal real good. The trailer seems to be structurally sound. My question is, am I just looking at this with "BBQ" eyes or is this a worth while endeavor? What would it take to get it her sea worthy in your eyes and how much would that cost roughly. We are looking to try and get this for around $200 or $300 if that helps. Sorry bought poor pictures. It's stuck in a little shed.

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