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Originally Posted by Instagator View Post
Never really understood the real threat of Salmonella. I understand that for older people and immunine compromised individuals its potentionaly deadly but if you cook it right, it won't harm you. Am I missing something?
The biggest problem is when it gets into things that are NOT designed to be cooked, usually via cross contamination.

My brother almost died when he was little from salmonella. He got it from ice cream. A truck used to haul Schwans milk had been used for raw eggs and not cleaned properly in between loads. There was a big class action law suit etc.

The most difficult thing was, we couldn't figure out what he was sick with. He had not eaten anything typically associated with salmonella, no eggs, no chicken, etc. We had all eaten the ice cream, but only once...he had it every night before bed for a couple weeks.

Most people don't cook ice cream to 165, salmonella can be very dangerous if it gets into the wrong product.
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