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Originally Posted by Pyle's BBQ View Post
Could you please define "junk"? Is it the trailer or the equipment, what parts are going bad?
I'd love to! Anything I can do to help someone not make the same mistake I did. I'll take some photos later and post them for proof, but here's the main things:
  • 50 gallon waste water tank holds about 3 gallons because it isn't plumbed properly
  • Roof isn't sealed well, rain water already leaking into the walls, causing mold
  • the holes that were made in the frame (where the drain pipes go through) were absolutely HACKED and have probably lost any structural integrity
  • Diamond plate floor for the exterior porch was not sealed, is already buckling like crazy
  • sharp, unsanded edges all over the place in the cabinetry, I have cuts to prove it
  • self-tapping screws used to secure exterior panels where the screw pokes out the other side INTO the trailer, catches pant legs / skin
  • Floor pass-through for my 50 amp cable isn't big enough to fit the 50amp plug
  • Not a worksmanship issue, but I drove down to south georgia from Canada to pick it up, and the metal walls I paid for were not installed (this was on the planned delivery date). Had to drive the trailer back and install them myself, no refund
  • Locks on both the front and back doors no longer work (key turns, lock isn't engaged)

I have made at least 10 calls to the factory, each time ensured that someone will return my call. Nobody ever did. Finally bitched loud enough to get someone else on the phone, they told me I was SOL because I'm in Canada, no warranty.
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