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Default The Best Way To Reheat A Burger (IMHO)

Had some leftover burgers from the LSU game the other night. I've never been all that imo ressed by leftover burgers. The microwave makes them rubbery. The oven does ok but takes too long. I decided to try steaming. I don't have a steamer, so I put abou a 1/2" of water in the bottom of a pot and made a foil structure to hold up the burger. In just a few minutes my 1/2 lb burger was heated through so I put some Pepperjack on top to let it melt.

So I toasted me a bun hit one side with Creole Mustard and pickles, and the other side with Sriracha and chowed down!

Still juicy!

Never tried the Creole Mustard/Sriracha combo before, but it may now be my go to way of topping a burger! Anyway I hope someone finds this useful.
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