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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Well have been so busy lately haven't had time to update... Been a long week and a half. Paperwork is not my thing and that's all we've been dealing with. We had someone come in and plan the restaurant's layout and that went well. We had to have spec sheets on every item we were considering buying before we could begin the health dept process. Had to tell them how every item would be stored and who the vendors would be. Very very detailed. All we were wanting was an initial inspection to make sure everything that IS there is up to code. So met the health dept inspector today to submit plans. Of course he told us that although a smoker did not HAVE to be NSF certified it would be better if it is. Now we are rethinking what kind of smoker we want. Not wanting a giant GIANT expense but seems like it will be less of a headache to just got with an NSF certified smoker. We have to attend a couple of classes for kitchen safety management. Lots of little things that add up to a giant headache but everyone around here is already buzzing about the possibility of a bbq restaurant in town. Can't do anything in a small town especially when your new restaurant is in front of the police station.

Picked out new flooring for the building and I promise to have pictures of the current state of the building tonight. Just have been too busy researching and meeting with everyone to do much else. We have two small kids on top of it all and one started school recently and let me tell you that may be more of a headache than the restaurant.

And yes, we know we're crazy but when opportunity knocks you better answer or someone else will....

The worst part is with all of the meetings there hasn't been much smoking going on the last few days...
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