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Well Guys this weekend was a great one. Wednesday I decided since I was building this I was going to need to get a freezer to store meat in since I live with 4 others and we only had a side by side fridge freezer. The deer will be processed this week and will go in it also. My parents decided that they wanted to help put some meat in it for me which was pretty awesome. Got ground beef, 3 slabs of baby backs, a ton of pork chops, tilapia, chicken breasts, biscuits, home made smoked sausage. I then added some grouper and amberjack I caught in May and a few packs of Jimmy Dean sausage.

So I decided this weekend to bbq sunday to start practicing since CountyLiner is coming to visit the family next weekend and I am going to cook for everybody. The roommates each went and bought a slab of spare ribs for themselves and their girlfriends, and I prepared a rack of my baby backs. Luckily they dropped off the meat and left for the farm to bush hog because I got a bit nervous for a while. I have never prepared the entire bbq meal by myself and never trimmed spare ribs in my life. So while they were gone I watched a bunch of youtube videos on st Louis cut spare ribs and went to town on them. One thing I do need to get is a filet knife. All in all though I believe they were cut just fine. I rubbed them down with a homemade rib rub that my dad came up with and let me have the recipe to. cooked 2 hours unwrapped, then wrapped for a little over and hour, then in a cooler for an hour.

The ribs look a little darker in the pictures than they were in real life. I also made a big ole pan of baked beans with my momma's secret recipe which turned out great, texas toast, and a roommate made macaroni and cheese.

The entire meal turned out great and the ribs were destroyed. I brought a plate to my parents house and they were devoured without even sitting down. For my first bbq I feel it was a major success and man was that a good feeling.
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