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Default Ribs, foil or no foil

Today there was no rain in Sweden, at least not where I live . So I decided to do some cooking. This is the fourth time i smoke ribs, and earlier attempts have turned out ok, but not great. The taste has been good, but I want them more tender. So far I have never used foil. So... its time to give it a try.

I started up the WSM. I decided on a target temp of 225 F. I used apple wood.

I put two slabs on the lower grate and two slabs on the upper grate. I used a rub from the store called Arons ribrub. New to me. The picture is taken after ca one hour in the smoker. I sprayed apple juice on the slabs once per hour.

After 3 hours in the smoker I foiled one slab. I put a little apple juice with the slab. After 30 minutes I unfoiled and put the slab in the smoker again.

The slab on the upper grate wich hadnt been foiled was done after 5 hours 15 minutes. The slab that had been foiled (upper grate) was done after 5 hours 30 minutes. The slabs on the lower grate (no foil) was ready after 6 hours 45 minutes. All slabs had som sauce on them and was in the smoker for the last 15 minutes.

Here is a picture of the ribs cut from one of the slabs that hadnt been foiled

And here are a picture of the ribs from the slab that had been in foil for 30 minutes

The ribs from the foiled slab was more tender and was by far the most juicy ribs I have done so far. They tasted really great and my family loved them . Next time I cook ribs I will use foil again!
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