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Originally Posted by peeps View Post
The thermal expansion of the firebox/grill-top lid caused it to have a slight rub against the side of the smokebox and it marred the paint as well. Again, I will touch it up (or just keep that spot well seasoned if it looks like it is getting down to bare metal) but it might be just a characteristic of Earl for the long term. AJ has offered to make adjustments but that requires cutting off the lid and trimming which would involve getting it back to his shop. All that seems a bit extreme, to me for a minor cosmetic issue. I was just kinda bummed seeing the finish marred up within an hour of getting it hot.
Yea....I hate to say it, but I called that one.
As much as I'd want my new baby to stay at my house, I'd say that for the long run,. you should let AJ take this one back to the shop and "scoot" that lid to the right about 1/4". Nothing more than a grinder to the hinge points and some teflon washers to keep it "encouraged" to the right side.

Also, in hind sight, the temps you're running the first day might be a bit extreme for new paint. I'm no expert on that one though.

Great looking rig dude. That's an heirloom unit right there. Bite the bullet, fix the things you don't like, and live with it for the rest of your life. It's a beauty!
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