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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Default another FNG joining with ideas.

I've been reading and planning like all new guys, coming up with all kind of ideas,but after reading the first 100 pages of the thread, the last 100 pages and going back to page 100 and reading a couple hundred more I've built a plain simple UDS, no welding till I added the axles, and a really ugly coal basket, (no measuring, just torched holes in ash pan to bolt a 12"expanded metal basket 3" above it). After my first cook attempt I added a second long stem thermometer and I'm running near 100* difference between the center and outside of drum,I thought it was junk thermometers but when I slide the long one out they are reading close to the same. I gathered a lot of good ideas from you all,I wish I could remember who posted everything so I could give you credit

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