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A lot of different methods here...

I've done them low & slow at 225-235 range and I've done them hot & fast at 325-350 range. I did the very first ones hot & fast at 325F, and foiled when they looked cooked (it was only around 180/85C, there was hardly any bark before that).

I guess it was the most moist product, probably would have been better if I've foiled earlier. But then again, there was literally no bark before hitting around 180...

I guess they've all been undercooked then, since none of them have been anywhere near the feel of going into hot butter. Not even the first one I did hot & fast and pulled at 218F.

I can't control the aging, they've been wet aged in vac bag for quite a long time since they are USA imports. I'll check next time I'll buy them, but I guess most of them have been slaughtered at least two months ago (they have around 4 months shelf life according to the packaging).

Is it possible to get a moist product without foiling? I've understood that "everyone" at comps foils briskets for moisture reasons...
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