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Originally Posted by DjPorkchop View Post
Hello everyone. Long time lurker, firs time poster in the UDS thread.

In my case, I put the cap on the rear vent at 200 and closed my valves half way and the temps plumeted well below 200. I then opened the valves all the way and left the cap on and it came up to 200 on the dial (250 i would guess). And there it sat. I then took the cap off the back vent, closed my valves half way and she leveled out at 225 on the dial, again I'm sure not accurate. I actually found myself chasing temps for a better part of 5 hours.

Hello great looking drum there DjPorkchop. Just curious if you may have restricted air flow issue? Do you have the 2" bung hole open on the top of the lid as well as your 4 stacks or just the 4 stacks. The four stacks has a area of 1.76625 inches. I only run with a the two inch exhaust which has an area of 3.14 inches. Almost double the size of just the 4 stacks. My temps settle in at about 275 with my one inch ball valve open half way and the other two caps closed! I use royal oak lump from Menard's because i can get it at just under 3 bucks during the Memorial Day sale! I start my fire with a weed burner which should be equivalent to about a half to a full chimney full of lit coals. Also if I would need to i can run the temp up to 350 or even 400 with just the ball valve. Just dont give up do a few more practice runs till you figure out what works best for you. Also dont be afraid of a temp swing of 20 or 30 degrees either direction. Once you learn your beast you will love it and the family will love the great q!!!

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