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Originally Posted by J-Rod View Post
Well said sir.

If it were me I'd either build a UDS on the cheap, or spend some dough and get a quality, tight fitted offset. Cheapo sheet metal offsets seem like they'd be a total cooking nightmare to me. Have you any Academy stores near you? They carry Old Country pits for around $500 that are all welded and thicker steel. Some say they have quality control issues(gaps in lid etc) but if you could look at one in a store you could make sure it was all good before buying. From what I've heard they're pretty good for a $500 pit, but I've never seen one in person.
Yeah, I've seen the Old Country pits in my local grocery store H-E-B. They're definitely a step up from the box store things, 1/4 " steel and put together well but they have a lot of gaps around the doors. I would probably invest in some high heat silicone caulk to seal it off if I got one of those. Other than the leaky door issues though, they appear to be pretty nice backyard pits!
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