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Default Long term reliability of Cyber Q

I am very close to pulling the trigger on a Humphrey Down East Beast. As long as I am spending the money, I was looking to add the Cyber Q as having the rock solid temp control would save me sleep and not keep me chained to the homestead all day.

I have read many threads, mostly addressing the wifi challenges. I am an IT guy and get that part of it. What I really want to know is how it has held up for those of you who are long term users of the Cyber Q (6 mo or more).

  1. Are the temp probes still accurate? My Maverick is all over the board. I have had probes go bad, meats temps 10 degrees cooler than a meat thermometer registers etc. If I am going to spend nearly $300 for one, it needs to be rock solid.
  2. Any unit malfunctions? How well is it supported by the Mfr?
  3. Would you buy it again?
Thanks for your feedback.

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