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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by luke duke View Post
Here's another pit with the lip.
I emailed with him last night and he had added a deflector plate, it just wasn't on in the pics.

Also, at the suggestion from others, I am having him add an isolation plate with handles and a gasket ring that I can drop-in in place of the grill grate on the firebox for when I am not planning to grill/reverse sear to help conserve fuel.

I am off tomorrow (normal day off), so I am planning on hitting up the local butcher for some grub to throw on it after seasoning it.

Pick-up is Saturday at 2pm.

For seasoning, I plan to do the following:
  1. Wipe down with wet rag to get all dust and debris out
  2. Spray down with canola oil
  3. Get a nice hot fire going with charcoal and a couple splits
  4. After a couple hours of heat, throw a couple packs of store bought bacon on the racks for extra seasoning and looking for hot spots to guide me in adjusting the tuning plates
  5. Once tuning plates are dialed in, throw on something that cooks quick for dinner

Any adjustments I need to make in that procedure?
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