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Default Brethren style red sauce w/ gnocchi

What to do with those left over riblets or sternums from your spare ribs is often a question on the board. Try this red sauce in place of your ragu.

First, frozen leftover sparerib sternum and four frozen doink balls (deer and pork moink balls, or voink balls if you want to go venison and pork...i dunno which sounds better...and moink ball purists....haters gonna hate) go into the pot.

Building a little bit of flavor, add a little water and reduce.

In goes the tomato sauce (not spaghetti sauce, just plain tomato sauce), garlic, and herbs. Simmer for an hour and watch some tube (or whatever, write part of your novel you've been working on).

Boil gnocchi until it floats to the surface o the water. Into the bowl with some cheddar and chives.

Dump on sauce and a couple doink/voink balls (don't forget to remove toothpick).

Took about five minutes of "effort," and one hour of simmer (beer drinking). Rib meat dissolves into the sauce in little, tiny flakes and bones add body. Done and done with those leftover sparerib sternums. Now, burn mouth like a fool, and thus, require yourself one last beer.
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