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Originally Posted by BigBellyBBQ View Post
dont put your name on it!
I absolutely agree with BigBellyBBQ. I would not put my name on this event since you are not being allowed adequate quality control of the product.

I am confused by two of your statements. Initially you stated, "Im not sure how to price this job because I am renting 2 smokers, using my own rubs, foil, charcoal, wood, slathers, injections, helping hands and all the stuff I am forgetting."

Then you state that, under the arrangement you describe. you are being asked to be the "hired cook", for this event, by the restaurant you are working for. "They are telling me what they want and I am giving it to them. I'm cooking for a restaurant that I work at and they are paying for everything and compensating me for my time, not a bad deal. I think the lbs is low but their paying and Im not complaining."

I am assuming that you mean your employer (restaurant) is agreeing to reimburse you for ALL of your expenses as well as paying you for your time. It sounds to me like they are proposing that you act as a "subcontractor" for them on this event. I hope that you will be covered by the restaurants liability insurance and you will be operating out of their licensed commercial kitchen. If not then you have legal exposure to be concerned with as well.

Working on this assumption I would advise that you total up ALL of your estimated costs (cooker rentals, misc equipment, consumables, staff, etc) and add a 10% contingency to this total. Then estimate the time you will expend for this event and multiply those hours by the rate you desire (ex: $20/hr times 20 hours = $400 for your labor).

The total of these will be the amount you quote them for the event.

If you go forward with this venture please let us know how it turns out. Other members and Newbies are always looking for more data to give them insight on future events.
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