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Originally Posted by BroBBQButcher View Post
so i have a basic UDS three intakes in the bottom with two nipples and one ball valve. i recently got a Weber lid and am going to add a second rack. I do not have access to a welder so all upgrades need to be w/o welding. what are some recommended upgrades?
If you plan on competing, keep a pair of Channel Locks handy. We had a cap rust on to one of the pipe nipples. Didn't realize it until we were getting ready to light the drum @ 2 AM in the parking lot of the Topeka Expocenter for a contest. Not the easiest time to bum a pair of pliers from a neighbor team! As soon as I got home from the contest, I replaced the pipe nipples w/ high heat flexible magnets. Works like a charm and have had zero issues managing temp!
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